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ANNOUNCING the official release of TWO PLUS FOUR EQUALS ONE, a full-length anthology of true stories about people with disabilities and their assistance dogs, featuring over 100 of the most memorable stories and poems you will ever read.


True, vibrant, honest, and emotional, eliciting compassion, joy, sorrow, and love, promoting understanding, acceptance, awareness, and hope. Here are over 100 stories and poems written by or about men, women, and children, all either with disabilities or connected to people who have disabilities. Joining them are Labradors, German Shepherds, Poodles, Papillons, Goldens, Shelties, Chihuahuas, and many other breeds, all trained to assist their disabled handlers. From blindness to deafness, from mobility issues to psychiatric needs, from diabetes to autism, the array of disabilities showcased in this unforgettable book is as vast as the tasks performed by the canine partners. Your eyes will be open to the strength, competence, and potential of both the human and canine participants in an alliance where neither partner is perfect but both together add up to an equation where two hands/feet/eyes/ears plus four paws equals one magical union. » click here to read more

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a sampling of photographs from the book,

photo caption: Images from the book, "Two Plus Four Equals One"

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